Our philosophy

A family

Poncho gallery is the story of 2 sisters,
forever bound by an invisible thread… of

Poncho Gallery is the story of 2 sisters, inseparable as if linked by an invisible thread… a cashmere ply. Of parents who give them an appetite for travel, but also a spirit of entrepreneurship. At a very early stage, Sophie and Lole ventured off the beaten track and set off to explore the world. From the United States they brought back a certain understanding of fashion - casual, comfortable and contemporary.

From Madagascar, India and Africa they brought memories of shimmering fabrics and beautiful themes. And on every journey they took, they were on the lookout. For inspiration, beauty, sophistication. And that essential accessory that they could carry with them wherever they went. And because it didn't exist, they decided to create it.

Upon returning to Paris, they launched their famous classic cashmere poncho. It quickly became their iconic creation, the one with which they

would make a name for themselves. However, initially the response from those around them was mixed: "A poncho, me? Never!". However, the strong-willed pair were not dissuaded.

In 2010, they created Poncho Gallery, a unique brand offering cashmere ponchos and cloaks. Keen observers, the 2 sisters were not mistaken, as the sophisticated and redesigned poncho is utterly in keeping with the times.

It can be seen resting on the shoulders of the stars and on the high street. Today those close to Lole and Sophie are complete fans, and it is more a case of: "Never without my poncho!".

The Poncho Gallery adventure represents the spirit of family entrepreneurship - for the confidence that this brings and the joy of working together on a project that never ceases to bring you closer together.

our own idea of luxury

Poncho gallery maps its very own journey
to its own idea of luxury.

Timeless style, purity of lines, softness...

Luxury with an elagant nonchalance. Collections weaved with style and personality, in a novel spirit of independence.

Poncho gallery plays with fabric,100 % cashmere, cashmere and silk, bamboo cashmere, with color, and with ply,2, 4, 6, 8, up to 10 to create original and timeless.

Reinventing the poncho,
layering it, dressing it up or down

Poncho gallery re-establishes
the poncho as an inconic wardrobe
winner that you cannot do without

Reborn classics and new silhouettes emerge from a play on textures and shapes.The luxurious qualities of cashmere are endlessly revealed over a pair of jeans, leather slacks, or an elegant little dress. The poncho is everywhere, imposing its style throughout the seasons.

Cashmere is precious but it lends itself to many interpretations, and Poncho Gallery has also designed ‘chic & chill’ sweaters, cardigans, vests, and accessories.

Poncho Gallery’s cashmere is for you to wear in your very own personal style and way.

Cashmere know-how

A prestigious and high quality italian
cashmere thread

Our production site in Mauritius,
works exclusively with
prestigious italian
cashmere thread.

This thread ensures rare quality, softness, and longevity of our garments.

Our cashmere comes from the goats of Mongolia which are found grazing above 4000 meters; at this high altitude, temperatures can drop to -40°C and to beat the bite of the cold, goats grow a unique winter coat of fine but exceptionally warm natural fiber. The fiber is collected in spring, cleaned, and the best quality material is selected. 

It then travels to Italy, where it is tinted, carded, and transformed into cashmere thread. This is a long process that requires a lot of expertise and ancient know how, and care.


Each of our 100% cashmere or silk and 
cashmere garment is woven on hand-led
machines in our weaving shops in italy
and Mauritius Isalnd, wich are both reputed
for thei cashmere know-how.

Making a poncho requires expert hands, attention to detail, and patience ; our seamstresses supervise the whole process, from knitting, remeshing, assembling, sewing, to washing and ironing, and they also ensure to quality control.

For our bamboo-cashmere garments, we have found expert hands in Portugal
that hold secrets to radiant color and soft fiber.

Every single piece is authentic and unique, produced by passionate and expert men and women we are extremely proud of.

The subjects

2, 4, 6 et 8 ply 100% cashemere

Cashemere is a precious a fragile fabric. It can be carded or combed. Carding makes the thread softer, more fluffy, and carded thread is used for 2, 3, 6, and 8 ply cahsmere (the number of ply determines the thickeness of your garment), to give the cahsmere that unique softness and luxurious touch.

Cashemere and silk 35% cashemere - 35% silk - 30% wool

Cashmere thread combined with silk and wool. Fine and delicate, with a light velvety texture and a shimeer from the silk. This subtle blend makes a fine and soft knit that is elegantly transparent; a satiny veil on the skin.

Cashmere bamboo 80% bamboo – 20% cashemere

Cashmere and bamboo blend into a soft, natural, and light fabric - a perfect combination for summer , and a perfect fit for the tie&dye, hand made from traditional crafting techniques. Each piece is custom-made and unique!

and delivery

To make your shopping experience
a unique one, all our orders are prepared
with maximum care.

Each one of our products is delivered in a cotton pouch, and wrapped in tissue paper to protect your garment during transport. To make your life easier, we offer 3 different types of delivery: in-store pick-up, home delivery for Paris and the greater Paris area, and speedy mail anywhere else.

Our maintenance tips

My cashmere
is precious

Take care of it.


Cashmere is a noble and fragile material that must be cared
for with special attention.When it is new, it may pill a little.
To avoid this, regular washing is recommended after the garment
has been worn 2-3 times. 

Cashmere loves water. Water is the secret to your cashmere’s beauty and softness. We recommend you wash your cashmere in the washing machine because of the consistent water flow, on delicatehand wash, in cold water and a gentle spin.
You can also wash it by hand. Dry flat and use a warm iron.

Do not put on a hanger but simply fold and beware of moths.
They particularly like cashmere, so you might want to use cedar-wood blocks.
Care products are available on our website and in our stores.